IGTV Is Here!

There were news about Facebook TV being launched last year but did we see IGTV coming?

IGTV, Instagram’s new video platform (the newly added icon you’ve probably noticed by now on the top of your screen) is for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators. It is available in the Instagram app as a new feature as well as a stand-alone app!

This invention is Instagram’s way of trying to turn traditional TV watching to a modern mobile friendly one. Instagram made clear what was driving its decision to support long-form video: It’s trying to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who are increasingly consuming video on mobile devices. Now other than personal usage, we’ve presented you with IGTV tips for businesses!

IGTV uses for your business:

  • Training videos

Because of the extended length of videos, you can use IGTV for welcome and training videos. For example, walk users through daily tasks as well as giving your employees the training they need.

  • Demonstrations

You can use IGTV to demonstrate the use of your product or service in details to avoid people understanding your business in a wrong way.

  • Marketing and Advertising

Although it hasn’t been approved that IGTV will contain advertising tools but there’s a high possibility for this app to become ad-friendly. And through IGTV, businesses can achieve higher reach since Instagram is already widely used and IGTV will likely drive a lot of user traffic.


A lot like YouTube you might say, but it seems a bit more practical and we’re excited about what’s next!  What do you think?

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