The Digital Showroom

Digital Showroom

A study carried out in 2013 by GfK showed that nearly 31% of under 35-year-old would buy a new car directly via the internet (the percentage is probably more in 2015); This study show us that the online communication is more and more assisting the consumer to research about a product and make the decision to buy. A survey conducted by Deloitte titled “New Digital Divide Survey” revealed that more than a third of in-store purchases are heavily influenced by digital touch-points, and 1 in 4 shoppers are spending more as a result; Bringing the digital inside the showrooms, and making it available to the visitors of the showroom is a natural decision for brands and showroom owners; Showrooms are looking for ways to sell an immersive customer experience, which is less focused on directly making an immediate sale; A number of showrooms and malls have turned to the multi-touch digital displays; these displays make a hard impact that is hard to miss when in-store; The content of these touch displays can range from videos, interactive games, competitions, ads, virtual tours, and offers; All of this type of content help the marketers create a storytelling environment where consumer can relate to; Think of it as a theatre, where there are different parts of the story found in the showroom; The showroom, will expand, it will not be limited to the physical space it has, rather to the content on the screens and digital surfaces; Cre8mania, and Dootbox are creating, and innovating new products and displays, that enhances the experience and the customer journey, inside showrooms and for brands; You can read about one of the innovative products the MapBox by clicking here.


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